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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Man O Man

These past few days have been busy. But hey, if you are as busy as a bee then you won't be unhappy that you aren't busy you see?

So I finally watched Avatar last night. On blu-ray nonetheless. Yeah, I saw it on blu-ray. You got a problem with that? I didn't think so! But seriously, it was awesome. The colors were nothing short of spectacular, especially at night. But one thing did bother me. What was it you ask? Well it was the number of fingers on the avatars themselves. They only had 4 fingers. Or do they? Actually, they had 3 fingers and one thumb. A finger is defined as having three joints and clearly a thumb only has 2 joints. So there, it's 3 fingers and one thumb.

Moving on. Why is it that little things that aren't normally funny all the sudden become hilarious at church? Let me explain. When Allie and I first started visiting the church we are now members of, we had this fella sitting a few rows in front of us. You say, that's not funny. Well, I haven't gotten to the funny part yet. They particular young man happened to have a peppermint stuck to the butt area of his pants. I absolutely lost it. Now if I were at say the grocery store, I would have probably had a good chuckle and gone on about my business. But no. I was at church. And I couldn't stop laughing no matter how hard I tried to compose myself. Once the service was over, his girlfriend noticed the peppermint just chillin' out on his butt and said "Hey, you got a peppermint on your butt!" Then I lost it again. That was a funny day.

So I have exams coming up this week. Exams aren't funny...unless you go to Clown College which I do not. So I'm out to study for them suckers. Until next time....

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